Parliament Today 5 November 2013

Questions for Oral Answer 

Questions to Ministers 2.00 PM -3.00 PM.

  1. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Finance: How is the Government’s economic programme supporting New Zealand families, particularly those on low incomes and with dependent children?
  2. Hon DAVID  to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that the insurance industry is “a highly efficient market”?
  3.  to the Minister of Transport: How will the construction of Transmission Gully benefit the Wellington region?
  4. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with IAG’s submission to the Commerce Commission that “there is real potential for major banks to begin underwriting their own general insurance products, and to compete directly with the incumbent insurance companies at the underwriting level as they already do at a retail level of the insurance market”?
  5. METIRIA TUREI to the Minister for Economic Development:Did his office withhold information about the harm caused by the SkyCity convention centre deal because it was considered sensitive by SkyCity; if so, why?
  6.  to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: What progress has been made in the rebuild of the University of Canterbury?
  7. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in the advice his Ministers receive from Government departments?
  8. MIKE SABIN to the Associate Minister of Justice: What has been the outcome of his review of the 2002 Offending Strategy?
  9. JAN LOGIE to the Minister of Justice: Will she reconsider an alternative trial process for sexual abuse cases following Police statements that girls targeted by the Roast Busters group have not been “brave enough” to bring a complaint; if not, why not?
  10. JACINDA ARDERN to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by her statement on Q+A in relation to child poverty that “So why do an official measure that then by very definition still has, quite frankly, you know, it’s, sort of, wherever you put the measure, you’re always going to have people in poverty …”?
  11. ALFRED NGARO to the Minister of Housing: What progress has the Government made in growing the community housing sector?
  12. CLARE CURRAN to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology: Will the Government abide by the final Unbundled Bitstream Access Service Price Review determination issued by the Commerce Commission today?

Today Labour are asking four questions. These are two questions about the New Zealand insurance market, one about child poverty and finally a question about Ultra Fast Broadband. The Greens are asking two questions, these are about Skycity Casino and the Roastbusters group. New Zealand First is asking whether the Prime Minister has confidence in the advice he receives from government departments.

Patsy of the day goes to Mike Sabin for Question 8:  What has been the outcome of his review of the 2002 Offending Strategy?

Government Bills 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM and 7.30 PM – 10.00 PM

1. Human Rights Amendment Bill – First Reading (Interrupted)

2. Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill – Third Reading

3. New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill – Second Reading

4. Industry Training and Apprenticeships Amendment Bill – First Reading

The Human Rights Amendment Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister of Justice, Judith Collins. This bill enables the establishment of a full-time Disability Rights Commissioner within the Human Rights Commission, and makes changes to the role and structure of the Commission.

The  Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill  is being guided through the house by the Minister for ICT, Amy Adams. The bill seeks to repeal and replace the Telecommunications (Interception Capability) Act 2004

The New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill is being guided through he house by the Minister for Economic Development, Steven Joyce. The purpose of the Bill is to give effect to an agreement between SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited and the Crown called the New Zealand International Convention Centre Project and Licensing Agreement.

The Industry Training and Amendment Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Steven Joyce. The Industry Training and Amendment Bill makes the amendments required to implement the findings of the industry taining review undertaken by the Government in 2011 and 2012

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