Too stupid to breed – Roast Busters

Stuff reports:

A portrait emerging of the teenager at the centre of Roast Busters scandal shows a young man obsessed with group sex with his childhood friend – and had little regard for issues of consent and respect towards women.

Police are investigating the group of Auckland men, understood to be aged 17 and 18, allegedly had group sex with drunk teenage girls and bragged about it online. The allegations were first brought to their attention two years ago, and there has been criticism about the delay.

It’s bad enough to think there is something good or cool about having sex with people too drunk to consent (and underage), but a certain kind of stupid to also brag about it online.

Hales’ main partner in the ”Roast Busters” sex gang appeared to be his mate Joseph Levall Parker, 18, but Hales denied there was anything ”gay” about having group sex with his friend.

”We have all been very good mates for years so we are comfortable around each other, we even walk around naked? [sic]”

Psychologists could have with that one.

Another of the girls has told 3 News that she only had sex with the Roast Busters because she was drunk.

”I just kept blacking out ’cause I had drunken too much,” she says. ”You could say I got raped. I had sex with three guys at one time.”

Under the law, someone does not consent to sexual activity ”if the activity occurs while he or she is so affected by alcohol or some other that he or she cannot consent or refuse to consent to the activity”.

If she was blacking out, there is no doubt she was unable to consent.

I think there is always a good question to ask if you in a situation where alcohol is involved. It is whether you think the other person in the morning will be happy about what happened, once they are sober. If you have any doubt about the answer being yes, then don’t go there.

It’s very sad that these young guys had a culture of acceptance of predatory behaviour (at best) or rape (at worst), and that it has taken so long for them to get the message how unacceptable it is.

If some victims come forward to complain, that will be a good thing – and send out a strong message.

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