More manufacturing crisis

StatsNZ reports:

Total manufacturing sales volume rose for the September 2013 quarter, despite a fall in meat and product manufacturing,  New Zealand said today.

After adjusting for seasonal effects, the volume of total manufacturing sales rose 0.5 percent, while meat and dairy product manufacturing sales volume fell 2.7 percent.

“Although meat and dairy volumes fell, stock levels are very high for the end of a September quarter,” industry and labour statistics manager Blair Cardno said.

“Outside meat and dairy, we saw a broad-based increase across the manufacturing sector in the quarter.”

Sales volume for total manufacturing excluding meat and dairy was up 2.8 percent in the September quarter, the largest increase since June 2002.

That manufactured crisis in manufacturing just keeps getting worse for the opposition.

The main industry movements were:

  • metal product manufacturing, up 6.6 percent

  • petroleum and coal product manufacturing, up 8.0 percent.

'd say the way to get a real crisis in manufacturing would be to get a Government that is trying to kill off the petroleum and coal sectors!

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