Mitchell on income inequality

Inequality in NZ and the oecd trend

From Lindsay Mitchell.

The Gini coefficient is what most on the left say is the best measure of . This clearly shows no worsening trend, and in fact most of the OECD is getting more unequal, but not New Zealand.

Mitchell also looks at the standard measures of . These are not measures the right might use such as actual need, but the normal proportion of median income. What is the record for NZ from 2007 to 2012:

  • AHC fixed line 60% dropped from 18% to 14%
  • AHC moving line 60% dropped from 18% to 17%
  • AHC moving line 50% dropped from 13% to 12%
  • BHC moving line 60% dropped from 18% to 16%

So when a politician claims NZ has more poverty or income inequality, just ask them a simple question. On what measure.

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