Another very stupid person

The Herald reports:

A 68-year-old man duped into smuggling 1.5kg of meth into the country believed he was actually collecting $8.5 million in cash.

The Auckland man lost tens of thousands of dollars to Nigerian scammers over a number of years in an online fraud and flew to Papua New Guinea in November to receive $8.5 million as a reward. The cash never arrived but he was again promised a large payment if he carried a laptop back to New Zealand.

Instead, he was tricked into taking luggage on his flight back to Auckland with 1.5kg of methamphetamine hidden inside.

So sad and so stupid.

If they scam you once, why would you then trust them again – let alone fly to PNG on the promise of $8.5 million. And then actually agree to carry a suitcase back for them to NZ. I’m not sure you can actually be that gullible, can you?

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