In bed with the bloggers

An interesting article on election year and bloggers in the Herald on Sunday.

I was interviewed for the article, but I think what I said didn’t fit in with the general angle, so none of my quotes were included. I rejected the notion pushed by Bradbury that the old rules are gone, and that there is licence to be incredibly vicious. I also rejected that I have a blog persona that is different to whom I am in real life. In fact in an interesting conversation with the journalist, I ended up agreeing that the “blog” me is closer to the real me, than the TV or radio me, as the blog is my territory, while on TV and radio I am mindful that I am a guest and I guess on my “guest” behaviour.

Anyway an interesting article. And congrats to Whale for winning the Netguide Award. It would have been a travesty if he had not won this year.

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