Surprise – Dotcom hearing delayed

Stuff reports:

Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing is likely to be delayed by eight months – and the internet mogul believes it is because of this year’s election.

It’s likely to be delayed as Dotcom is appealing to the Supreme Court. Nothing to do with the election.

Dotcom wants the cloned hard drives returned to New Zealand. He says without them his legal team can’t prepare for the hearing.  

That seems difficult to comprehend. They are clones. How can the location of them affect his access to the original? It sounds like a red herring.

It was bad that the FBI were allowed to take a clone, which was not authorised by the court. There should be consequences for that breach. So I am not excusing that. But again, how does the existence and location of the clones drives impact the ability to go to trial? It sounds like an excuse to delay to me.

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