Dotcom loses at Supreme Court

The Herald reports:

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom has lost a major battle in his extradition case.

A judgment by the Supreme Court at Wellington today dismissed an appeal by Dotcom’s lawyers, arguing for access to all the FBI investigation files before his extradition hearing.

Dotcom, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk are defending charges of mass copyright infringement, online piracy, and money laundering.

Today’s judgment comes after the Court of Appeal reversed a decision by the District Court to allow Dotcom the documents.

The District Court decision had been upheld by the High Court, however Dotcom’s lawyers were granted leave to seek an appeal in the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal reversed the decision.

“The District Court was wrong to order disclosure of the documents concerned,” Justice John McGrath said today.

“The appeal has been dismissed and costs have been reserved.”

The Supreme Court is the final say on matters of law, and it is worth remembering that this is primarily a legal issue, not a political issue. This should mean the extradition hearing will take place sooner rather than later.

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