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Have just come off the Milford Track and looks like I missed a pretty significant Herald Digipoll:

Labour’s support has sunk nearly six points and it is polling only 29.5 per cent in the Herald-DigiPoll survey.

The popularity of leader David Cunliffe has fallen by almost the same amount, to 11.1 per cent. That is worse than the 12.4 per cent worst rating of former leader David Shearer.

Polling below Shearer who was rolled because he was polling so low.

The popularity of John Key as Prime Minister has climbed by 4.6 points to 66.5 per cent. That is his best rating since the election but not as high as he reached in his first term when he often rated more than 70 against Phil Goff.

The increases in support for National and the Greens since December put them at their highest ratings since the 2011 election.

Crashing below 30 per cent will be a bitter blow for Labour six months before the election. No party in the six elections held under MMP has been able to lead a government without polling in the high 30s or in the 40s.

Didn’t David Cunliffe claim Labour under his leadership would poll higher than National, not 22% behind them?

Labour’s only hopes seem to be Winston Peters and Kim Dotcom/Mana.

Of interest in the poll is that National is polling at just under 51% with both men and women. It is rare for a centre-right party to poll so strongly with women.

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