Parliament Today 10 April 2014

Questions for Oral Answer.

Questions for Ministers 2.00PM – 3.00PM

  1. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he think conservation land, designated as ecological areas, should be opened up for petroleum exploration as part of Block Offer 2014?
  2. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Does he believe that the Government’s policies have reduced income inequality; if so, does he agree with the IMF that rising inequality slows economic growth?
  3. Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister of Finance: What progress is the Government making with its share offer programme to free up capital to invest in new public assets without having to borrow more from overseas lenders?
  4. DENIS O’ROURKE to the Minister of Transport: Does he agree with the conclusion in the 2012 New Zealand Transport Agency commissioned report by Opus International that coastal shipping, followed by rail, are the most cost effective modes of transporting freight over long distances in New Zealand?
  5. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: What recent reports has he seen on the funding of hospitals in New Zealand?
  6. MIKE SABIN to the Minister of Police: What steps is the Government taking to reduce the supply of methamphetamine and its precursors into New Zealand?
  7. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of Education: Is she satisfied that no student will be worse off as a result of the establishment of the new category of Expert Teacher; if so, why?
  8. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What update can he give on the Government’s Warm Up New Zealand home insulation programmes?
  9. ANDREW LITTLE to the Minister for Economic Development: Does he stand by his statement, “Taranaki is one of the leading regions, if not the leading region in the country.”?
  10. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister for Senior Citizens: What recent announcement has she made about elder abuse and neglect prevention?
  11. DENISE ROCHE to the Associate Minister of Health: Does he stand by his statement that “he has absolutely nothing to hide” in regard to any potential conflicts of interest in regard to his duties as the Associate Minister of Health?
  12. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Justice: Does she know the name and employing department of the Chinese official that she had dinner with in Beijing on 20 October 2013 on her Ministerial visit to China; if so, is the reason that she has refused to tell the House that information is because she believes it is not in the public interest to do so?

Today Labour are asking about income inequality, hospital funding, expert teachers, regional development of the Taranaki, and Oravida. The Greens are asking about petroleum exploration, and ministerial conflicts of interest.  New Zealand First are asking about coastal shipping.

Patsy question of the day goes to Johnathan Young for Question 8: What update can he give on the Government’s Warm Up New Zealand home insulation programmes?

Government Bills 3.00PM -6.ooPM

1. Veterans’ Support Bill – Second Reading

2. Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill – Second Reading

The Veterans’ Support Bill is being guided through the house by Minister of Veterans Affairs, Michael Woodhouse. This bill proposes a new support scheme for veterans of military service that would replace the current scheme prescribed in the War Pensions Act 1954.

The Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister of Commerce, Craig Foss. This bill proposes amendments to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 and the repeal of the Credit (Repossession) Act 1997. The objects of the bill are the reform of the legislation governing consumer credit contracts.


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