2013 Donation Returns

The Electoral Commission has published the 2013 annual donation returns from registered parties.

In terms of large (over $15,000 donations) the parties that received them were in order:

  1. Greens $261,807
  2. National $164,603
  3. Conservatives $190,000
  4. ACT $25,000

That is fascinating. The Greens received the most in large donations, and Labour received nothing (in 2013) over $15,000.

In terms of medium sized donations ($1,500 to $15,000) the totals received were:

  1. National $865,900
  2. Labour $478,555
  3. Greens $124,905
  4. ACT $108,895
  5. Maori $73,473
  6. Mana $28,374
  7. Conservatives $6,506
  8. NZ First $2,000

NZ First says they received only one donation above $1,500. Hmmn.

ACT’s large donor was a Lani Hagaman. She and her husband are property investors.

The Conservatives had $90,000 from Colin Craig and $100,000 from Laurence and Katrina Day. Laurence I think is a Director of Quantum Education.

Most of the Green Party donations are from MPs who paid between $15,500 and $20,000 each. Also got $20,000 from a Jane Juneau who is a New Plymouth photographer.

National had five large donors (and 185 medium sized ones). The five large ones were:

  1. Xiao Miao Fan $63,500
  2. Oravida $30,000
  3. Cyril Smith $29,950
  4. Gallagher Group $24,152
  5. Graeme Douglas $17,000

Worth noting that the value of the five large donors is quite modest compared to the medium sized donors. They represent just 15% of total donations over $1,500. Also I’d estimate National receives probably $1 million or so on top of that through membership fess and donations that are under $1,500 individually, so the five large donors are probably just 5% to 8% of total income for National.

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