Anti-semitism rises further

The Herald reports:

An Egyptian court that sentenced to death 37 Islamists and handed life terms to 492 others defended its verdict, saying the men were “demons” who followed Jewish scripture. …

In a statement Sunday to justify its decision, the court said: “The accused came out of the depths of hell…

to plunder Egypt’s wealth, tyrannise its people and they killed the deputy commissioner.”

It described the men as “enemies of the nation” who used mosques to promote the teachings of “their holy book, the Talmud,” the central scripture of Judaism.

So the Egyptian military (or their judges) defend executing Islamists on the grounds that they were actually following Jewish scripture. So the message they send out is the Jews are evil and behind everything bad, and it is okay to execute anyone influenced by them. That’s as bad as the Islamists.

Also in Europe:

A suspected French jihadist who spent time in Syria is in custody over the shooting deaths of three people at a Belgian Jewish museum, prosecutors said, crystalising fears that European radicals will parlay their experiences in Syria into terrorism back home.

When Mehdi Nemmouche was arrested in southern France on Friday, he was in possession of firearms, a large quantity of ammunition and a video claiming responsibility for the May 24 attack, a Belgian prosecutor said.

In a one-minute rampage that deeply shook Europe’s Jewish community, a gunman opened fire at the Brussels museum. In addition to the fatalities, another person was gravely wounded.

Killed three people because they were at a Jewish museum.

Is there any other race (or religion) in the world that attracts such hatred, and in such a lethal way? And it isn’t new. Has been happening for hundreds of years.

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