Dawkins a dork

Stuff reports:

Renowned atheist has been accused of having a science delusion after launching a scathing attack on children’s fairy tales.

The British scientist, known for his assaults on religion in books such as The Delusion, has told a science festival audience that parents should ditch fairy tales in order to “foster a spirit of scepticism” in their children.

think it’s rather pernicious to inculcate into a child a view of the world which includes supernaturalism,” The Times reports him saying.

“Even fairy tales, the ones we all love, about witches and wizards or princes turning into frogs. There’s a very interesting reason why a prince could not turn into a frog. It’s statistically too improbable.”

Oh my God, what a tool.

Let’s just kill off all imagination in kids also.

Dawkins told the festival in Cheltenham, England, that a scientific approach to the world was far superior to a “second-rate” supernatural one.

He cited the Winnie-the-Pooh stories as implausible, with their idea of a bear, tiger, pig and kangaroo sharing an ecosystem.

Next he’ll tell us that Fiver in Watership Down couldn’t really have visions of the future.

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