Rudman on the Mana Dotcom Alliance

writes in the Herald:

Which brings us back to Laila Harre, the newly appointed leader of the Internet Party, Mr Harawira, her Mana Party equal, Pam Corkery, the press officer, and the others who are poised to join the Dotcom-backed party. They are all proclaiming they will be unsullied by the $3 million that has brought them together. Yet I can’t help recalling a quote my colleague Fran O’Sullivan attributes to banker Michael Fay. He lived by the golden rule – “he who owns the gold, rules”. This is the same Michael Fay, remember, who reportedly contributed up to $2 million into Labour Party coffers before the 1987 election in gratitude for the Rogernomics reforms of the previous three years.

In that case, the money came after the deed. We’re now expected to believe that Mr Dotcom won’t want anything in return for his $3 million except a party that pushes for, among other things, internet freedom. Other than that, he will let his new-found socialist partners get on with building their social justice dream with his money.

Yet nothing I’ve read about Mr Dotcom conjures up visions of Gandhi. What does come to mind are his promises to get even with the Prime Minister. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a good show of what he’s made of. He’s been the star witness in the trial of 2010 Auckland mayoral candidate John Banks for not declaring the $50,000 donation Mr Dotcom gave him. Their once cosy relations split asunder when Mr Banks failed to rush to Mt Eden prison with a soft mattress after the police raid that whetted Mr Dotcom’s interest in New Zealand politics.

This is a key point. He vowed to destroy John Banks, when John Banks didn’t help him out after he got a $50,000 donation.

He’s put $4 million into the Internet Party. That 80 times $50,000. And Laila, Hone, John and Annette all think there are no strings attached. All he wants in Internet for everyone and socialism implemented universally.

Now on bail, he’s invested $3 million in the upcoming election as the long fight by the American law enforcement agencies to extradite him drags on.

This could well carry on until next year. By then, all going to plan, the Internet-Mana coalition will be part of a leftish coalition government. Once the courts have decided whether the extradition can go ahead, it is up to the Justice Minister to make the final call. A government possibly propped up by his people.

Exactly. If they extradite him – they lose his funding. Let him stay, and I guarantee you they’ll get $4 million for the next election also!

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