Biggest Gaffes

Stuff reports:


– NZ First MP Richard Prosser for his ‘‘Wogistan’’ rant suggesting young Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to travel on Western airlines because ‘‘most terrorists are Muslims’’.

– Labour MPs Phil Goff, Annette King, Kris Faafoi and Clayton Cosgrove who were wined and dined by SkyCity at its corporate box for a rugby test despite railing against its deal with the Government for a convention centre.

– Key for labelling Wellington a ‘‘dying city’’ while talking to a business group in Auckland and lamenting that ‘‘all you have there is a government, Victoria University and Weta Workshop’’.

– Conservative Party leader Colin Craig for his inability to decisively rule out wackier conspiracy theories like those involving chem trails and the moon landing. ‘‘I take an undecided stand on anything where I don’t have evidence for or against,’’ Craig explained.

– Key again, this time for making international headlines after it was reported he labelled star footballer David Beckham ‘‘thick as batshit’’. Key later told Parliament he didn’t use the word ‘‘batshit’’.

– David Shearer who signed the death certificate on his leadership of the Labour Party after a stunt in which he flourished a couple of dead snapper in Parliament. He was gone two days later.

– Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee for by-passing Christchurch airport security and boarding his flight to Wellington via a side door because he was in a hurry and didn’t have time to queue like other people.

– Labour leader Cunliffe whose comment to a Women’s Refuge symposium that he was ‘‘sorry for being a man’’ did not do him any favours among the 50 odd per cent of New Zealanders who are male.

I must point out that the first two on this list were both broken by me 🙂

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