Billboard arsonists strike again

Stuff reports:

The Conservative Party says dirty politics have become dangerous politics after a candidate’s car hoardings were set alight. 

New Lynn representative Steve Taylor says his neighbours alerted him to the fact that the political signs – which were affixed to a trailer – were ablaze.

Fire fighters put out the blaze. 

The car had been parked at Taylor’s home, where he lives with his wife and two young children. 

Flames could easily have reached the house, Taylor said. 

“This is a wilful act of destruction and very risky to my family as we live in a fairly bushy area. It could easily have reached the house while we were sleeping.”

Thanks to the two nearby fire stations and a quick-thinking neighbour, this wasn’t the case, he said. 

Taylor said he believed the motive was political.

Of course it was political. While some billboard vandals are apolitical (attack all), it has been noticeable this election that parties of the right have been massively targeted in co-ordinated attacks.

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