NZ 1st in the world for social and environmental progress

The Social Progressive Imperative publishes an annual .

Labour and the Greens would have you believe that NZ is appalling on social issues. Their rhetroic for years has been doom and gloom. So where was NZ placed on this index? 100th? 50th? 25th? 10th? 5th?

Nope, 1st.

The top 10 are:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Switzerland
  3. Iceland
  4. Netherlands
  5. Norway
  6. Sweden
  7. Canada
  8. Finland
  9. Denmark
  10. Australia

On some of ths sub-indices, our rankings include:

  • Water & Sanitation 1st
  • Access to Basic Knowledge 2nd
  • Access to Information and Comms 7th
  • Personal Rights 1st
  • Personal Freedom & Choice 1st
  • Tolerance and Inclusion 4th
  • Access to Advanced Education 4th
  • Opportunity 1st
  • Undernourishment 1st
  • Deaths from infectious diseases 3rd
  • Access to piped water 1st
  • Homicide rate 1st
  • Indoor air pollution (lack of deaths) 1st
  • Gender parity in education 1st
  • Press freedom 1st
  • Greenhouse gas emissions 2nd (best)
  • Private property rights 1st
  • Freedom of religion 1st
  • Corruption (lack of) 1st
  • Religious tolerance 1st
  • Community safety net 2nd
  • Tolerance for immigrants 2nd

We are far from perfect, but New Zealand overall is ranked higher than every other country. Think about that, as you consider the Green billboards of gloom and doom.

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