2014 General Election

Won’t be blogging too much tonight as people will be getting their results directly from Election Results. Also I’m on Radio NZ National Radio from 7 pm tonight, and also on TV3’s The Nation from 8 am tomorrow. But will try and do the odd update, as I can. Generally just use the comments to report on what is happening.

I hope everyone voted!

UPDATE: Around a third of the votes counted (mainly advance) and National doing well and Labour badly. National will drop off in the next few hours, but hard at this stage to see how Labour could form a Government. They are very unlikely to even match the 27.3% they got last time, and that was their worst result since WWII.

One can not rule out Winston may hold the balance of power. He is doing very well at present. I think we can rule out the Conservatives making it.

Hone leads by only 96 votes in Te Tai Tokerau. Too early to call, but Kelvin Davis says West Auckland booths yet to report, which favour him. It will be wonderful if the result of accepting $4.5 million from Kim Dotcom, is it destroys their party.

UPDATE2: Kelvin now in the lead!

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