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In the past, you needed to e-mail me to report comments that may fall outside the Kiwiblog’s Comments Policy. Now there is a plugin which means you can just click on a link to report a comment.

If 5 people report a comment, it will go into moderation to be reviewed.

Note that this feature should not be used on comments just because you disagree with them. If you continually report comments that are not abusive or trolling, then I’ll suspend your account. The up and down vote buttons are what you use for agreeing or disagreeing with a comment. This feature is for comments that are highly abusive.

UPDATE: It is working well. Only one comment has had five reports against it, moving it to moderation. The comment is or was:


Just watched REAL NZs with their insurance problems in ChCh on TV3 campbell live then i thought of the crap like IGM and the other wankers on HATE KIWIBLOG saying LEECHER lefties.If i was Mr Farra i will say you are attached with the rightwing fuckers who hate real NZs Dipshit posters are still dipshit posters, but they are still your blog base you and slater, ME i dont give a fuck IM RETIRED YOU CUNTS SUPPORT ME WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, work hard im RELAXED like key

A perfect example of what the plugin is designed for.


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