Desperation from Cunliffe

Stuff reports:

Opposition leader David Cunliffe says National is behind ACT’s policy that would see the abolition of the Overseas Investment Office and deregulation of foreign investment.

Oh dear we have reached that stage of the campaign, when you’re so desperate you start making things up. He’s unable to win campaigning against National’s policies, he’s now inventing things.

Anyone who is not a moron knows National is not going to abolish the OIO. I guess he is going for the moron vote.

Cunliffe today  said National wanted the same thing but they needed a “cover brand” like ACT to put their name to the policy.

Must be fun just making shit up!

Cunliffe said he was not worried about Key’s campaigning efforts in South Auckland this morning.
“I’ll be campaigning in Remuera,” Cunliffe said.

Labour’s initial polls showed Labour support was “stronger than ever”, he said.

Wow reality is draining away.

Speaking on All Black Richie McCaw’s photo with John Key and National support tweeted by Dan Carter, Cunliffe said the All Blacks could take photos with whoever he wanted but he hoped the team was not endorsing National.

Good on him for saying rugby players are allowed to endorse parties other than Labour. Very gracious.

Cunliffe was speaking at the annual Chinese  Mooncake festival in west Auckland.

He tentatively greeted the Chinese community in their own language then converted back to English.
Cunliffe stressed the idea that all New Zealanders were equal.

He said the Chinese community had added to “the colour, the flavour and the success of modern New Zealand.”

Cunliffe said he looked forward to working with the Chinese community in the future. 

Except for the ones Labour blame on driving house prices up!

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