I agree with Lianne on smaller wards

The Press reports:

The existing representation arrangements in Christchurch are flawed and need to be changed before the next local body elections, Mayor says. …

Currently Christchurch is divided into six wards, each of which is represented by two elected councillors and one community board.

Banks Peninsula is represented by one councillor and two community boards.

But Dalziel is not convinced the existing ward system groups communities together appropriately.

She thinks there would be more opportunities to get communities involved in decision-making if the wards were smaller and better reflected communities of interest. 

”Maybe we could have more wards and one councillor per ward,” she said, acknowledging that such a move could lead to a slightly bigger-sized council.

I don’t think you should have a bigger Council, but I do think single member wards is better for voters. With two or three person wards you often have up to 20 candidates to choose or rank, and it becomes somewhat blind luck. A smaller single member ward will be easier for voters (like in parliamentary elections) where you only have to pick one candidate out of a relatively small number.

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