Key on Dalziel

Stuff reports:

Prime Minister John Key, who was in Christchurch on Thursday to open stage one of the BNZ Centre, said he did not take a particular view on “any mayor”, but lauded Dalziel’s time at the helm.

“I don’t endorse any mayor around the country.

“But I’ve come to Christchurch regularly over the course of the last three years and I’ve got up and praised Lianne for the work she’s done as mayor and I say that because I genuinely believe it,” Key said.

Dalziel had put her “heart and soul into the job”.

“In the end it’s for her to decide whether she wants to continue and if not I’m sure others will put their names forward and ultimately it’s critically important that Christchurch gets a strong leader.

“I’ve enjoyed working alongside Lianne, if she wants to continue as the mayor the Government will have a very constructive working relationship with her,” Key said.

Dalziel has indeed not been a partisan Mayor, which was the worry many had. She has worked constructively with the Government in many areas, while of course disagreeing also.

I’m always going to prefer a more fiscally conservative Mayor with policies to limit rates rises. But overall Dalziel has done a reasonable job.

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