Sell it and buy three new state houses

Stuff reports:

The tenant of a $1 million state house is making a buck off Housing New Zealand, charging boarders rent for a room vacated by her grown-up children.

Housing New Zealand said its tenancy agreements forbid tenants to rent out the HNZ-owned premises they were occupying – or “any part of it”. 

It will now investigate this case. 

The tenant has occupied the two-bedroom house in Auckland’s posh Freemans Bay, which has a council valuation of $1.4 million, for more than a decade.

She has also, flouting Auckland council rules, built a ‘dwelling’ in the back yard without building consent.

Housing NZ should sell the $1.4 million house and use the proceeds to build or buy two or three more affordable houses.

When the boarder was approached for comment, his landlady had been on holiday in Australia. 

He did not know how long the woman had been making a profit from her own tenants. 

She doesn’t seem to be in dire poverty. This is why should not be a house for life, but go to those most in need. For some reason Labour opposes this.

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