I said the economy was an issue that matters

Stuff reports:

Consumers voted with their wallets at the weekend.

National was a vote for good economic times but a vote for Labour-Greens was risking bad times, according to a bank survey.

The latest Westpac McDermott Miller survey of consumer confidence shows 46 per cent expected good times for the next three years under a National government.

But under a Labour-Greens government just 14 per cent would have expected good times ahead, while 40 per cent would have expected bad times.

“The stark contrast in expectations of good economic times over the next three years under the two putative governments must have been a major factor underlying the return of a National-led government,” McDermott Miller managing director Richard Miller said.

It was. When only 14% of consumers think they will have good times under a Labour-Greens Government, of course they’re not going to do well.

The economy matters to people. It is not an abstract issue. The health and education systems matter. The welfare system matters, and having safer communities matters.

As Lew points out on Kiwipolitico, National ran a campaign based on reality.

The Westpac survey found consumer confidence was a net positive +27% if National won, and a net negative -26% if Labour/Greens won. It is not surprising that New Zealanders did not vote to have a government and an economy that they thought would leave them worse off.

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