More election stats

Some more election stats:

  • Labour won the party vote in only five general electorates, down from 14 last time
  • National beat Labour by 23.4% nationwide, 22.7% in Auckland, 13.7% in Wellington, 24.9% in Christchurch, 25.0% in provincial NZ and 40.9% in rural NZ
  • Labour’s party vote dropped by 3.4% in Auckland and Wellington and 2.4% in Christchurch
  • Greens got 16.6% party vote in Wellington. Conservatives got 5.2% in rural NZ
  • Internet Mana went up 0.5% the three main cities but dropped 3.3% party vote in the Maori seats. Maori did not like selling out to Kim Dotcom.
  • The best party vote for National was Tamaki at 66.6%
  • National got over 50% party vote in 35 seats while Labour were below 20% in 23 seats and unbelievably below 15% in 13 seats!
  • NZ First got over 5% in 66 of 71 seats
  • Greens got 28.1% party vote in Wellington Central
  • The Conservatives got over 5% party vote in five 19 seats (typo)
  • Labour came third in the party vote in four seats – Bay of Plenty, Helensville, Tauranga and Wellington Central

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