13 bizarre statements in 24 hours

The Herald has compiled 13 rather bizarre statements from – and all from the last 24 hours! A few include:

“I’ll tell you plenty of politicians who we now revere who were in not dissimilar circumstances. Norman Kirk in 1966 lost 2.3 per cent of the vote (which is) exactly the same.” – Campbell Live last night.

Apart from comparing himself to Norman Kirk, I’d point out that Kirk lost again in 1969. So Cunliffe is saying he may win in 2020!

Also Kirk in 1966 was just 2.2% behind National – not 23% or so!

“This is the third election in a row the Labour party vote has gone down. Fortunately it hasn’t gone down as much this time as the two previous ones, you could argue that we’re starting to turn that around.” – Campbell Live.

So in 2017 we’ll only drop 1% more, and then in 2020 we may get back to 25% and in 2023 27% and het by 2026 we may crack 30%!

“John [Key’s] a bit of a phenomenon, to be honest. He’s got a bit of a brand there which there really isn’t a parallel in recent political history for. Plus he had the benefit of a 4 per cent growth rate. It’s pretty hard to get governments out in two terms.” – The Paul Henry Show.

It may be hard to get a Government out in two terms (not actually that hard under MMP), but it is hard to have the incumbent Government increase its vote in its third term and get a majority under MMP.

“Isn’t it interesting that John Key is singling me out as the leader he doesn’t want to be up against in 2017. I hope Labour people take notice of that.” – Campbell Live.

I hope Labour people are taking note indeed.

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