A Brand idiot

Stuff reports:

UK comedian said people should be “open-minded” about the view that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. 

People should also be open-minded about the view that Russell Brand has an IQ of 45.

In an combative and at times cringe-worthy interview on BBC’s Newsnight, the author and actor said he found the relationship between the families of former US president George W Bush and al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden “interesting”.

And next Mr Brand will declare how interesting it is that his brain cells are lonely.

He should stick to comedy – something he is very good at. Politics, less so.

Why the BBC thinks his views are newsworthy just because he is an entertainer – I do not know.

Hadley Freeman at The Guardian sums it up well:

Whereas last time Brand had the laconic ease of a man who knew he was starting from a place of low expectations, this time around he displayed the kind of ecstatic hypomania you’d expect of a celebrity who long ago exceeded the outer limits of his knowledge on this particular subject and is now coasting on the adrenaline of his own messiah complex. Watching this interview reminded me not of a firebrand in his full pomp but of the 1971 Woody Allen film Bananas, when the president of San Marcos has been overthrown and replaced with a hirsute revolutionary leader. This leader promptly goes mad with power, which in this case is expressed by changing the official language of San Marcos to Swedish, and ordering all citizens to change their underwear every half hour.

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