The Newsroom

The Herald reports:

Aaron Sorkin’s much-panned has had a fraught relationship with critics, mostly because of the tendency of the HBO drama’s many insufferable characters to repeatedly, condescendingly explain what journalism really is.

It’s a low-rated show, but the kind that certain devotees (many of them in the media) hate-watch so they can tweet their thoughts.

Season 2 of The Newsroom wasn’t too bad, but Season 1 was almost insufferable. It was ultra-preachy and was so politically skewed it wasn’t funny. Sorkin got it perfect with the West Wing – that may have been about a Democratic President, but they captured arguments on issues well. But The Newsroom was often just a platform to make one side of politics look unprincipled and stupid.

Season 2 did get better, and wasn’t bad. I’ll watch Season 3, but don’t have high hopes.

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