New York University bans the usage of Mr and Ms

The New York Daily news reports that the City University of New York Graduate Center (CUNY) has banned the usage of Mr and Ms from  references and salutations in all correspondence at the university.

The City University of New York’s Graduate Center has banned the words “Mr.” and “Ms.” from official correspondence because the terms are not sensitive to transgender students, according to an internal memo from Interim Provost Louise Lennihan.

“Effective Spring 2015, the (graduate center’s) policy is to eliminate the use of gendered salutations and references in correspondence to students, prospective students and third parties,” Lennihan wrote to the school’s 140 teachers Jan. 16. “Accordingly, Mr. and Ms. should be omitted from salutations.”

I’ve had people incorrectly assume I’m female as my first name can be either a female or male name but only a very thin skinned person would take offence at that. Perhaps the transgender students at CUNY are more sensitive?

CUNY has apparently based its decision to implement this policy on a federal law called Title IX as The Daily Beast explains.

“They may arguably have a right to implement this policy, but they cannot place the decision on Title IX,” said Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting free speech and due process on American campuses.

“It’s important,” said Lukianoff, “to understand that this is part of a long series of situations in which universities use Title IX as an excuse to pass often unconstitutional codes that they simply want to pass.”

In 2003, university efforts to pass such codes prompted the Department of Education to write a letter to every university in the country stating that Title IX is designed “to protect students from invidious discrimination, not to regulate the content of speech.”

As time passes the PC mob dream up more and more dopey ideas such as this.


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