Would they prefer guns?

Stuff reports:

Police have revealed they fired a Taser stun-gun at an offender five times – the latest incident that has Taser critics calling for a of its use.

The case is contained in statistics released by police about Taser use in the first half of last year.

A police spokesman said the incident involved a violent offender resisting arrest and fighting with an officer in the Counties-Manukau district with the Taser being pressed directly against the body of the suspect in “contact stun” mode.

“While the Taser was discharged [in contact stun mode] five times, three made contact with the person,” the spokesman said.

“Of the three which made contact, the first two were not effective in bringing the person under control, while the third was effective in stopping the violent behaviour.”

Seems to me the only problem is the taser isn’t strong enough if it doesn’t stop them first time.

Locke said: “It would be good for the Independent Police Conduct Authority [IPCA] to have a thorough of the police use of to see whether they are being overused, or inappropriately used – such as to help the police get handcuffs on rather than in really dangerous situations.”

Police statistics showed one person was being Tasered every three days, he said.

Don’t get violent with Police and they won’t taser you. Reasonably simple.

But police say the Taser is fired only once for every eight times it’s unholstered and it is effective for defusing threatening and violent confrontations.

That’s a great stat.

“Taser remains a very effective non-lethal tactical option for use in difficult and dangerous situations, and all use of Taser is reviewed by police and is reported publicly.”

Without tasers, you would either have more offenders being shot, or more Police being assaulted.

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