DHBs doing better with health targets

The latest quarterly stats on the DHB have been published. They show:

  • Cancer patients waiting less than four weeks for radiotherapy or chemotherapy – 99% (was 65% under Labour)
  • Emergency Department treatment within six hours – 94% (was 70% under Labour)
  • Elective operations at 107% of target (84,022 in 6 months up from 118,000 in 12 months under Labour)
  • 94% of 8 month olds are immunised (was 76% under Labour)
  • 92% of Maori 8 month olds are immunised (was 78% in 2012)
  • 96% of Pacific 8 month olds are immunised (was 87% in 2012)
  • 95% of smokers in hospital given advice or help to quit (was 17%)
  • 89% of smokers seeing a primary health care practitioner given advice or help to quit (was 40%)
  • 87% have had a cardiovascular assessment in last five years (was 46%)

The performance of our heath system is one of the more important things to New Zealanders. Despite the tight fiscal conditions, National has shown sustained significant improvements in outcomes.

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