A huge gift to NZ

One News reports:

A philanthropist’s “extraordinary generosity” has seen New Zealand’s largest-ever private land protection announced today.

Music producer Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange of Soho Property has gifted 53,000 hectares of land in central Otago through a partnership with the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust.

Incredibly generous.

Robert “Mutt” Lange is Shania Twain’s former husband.

The four open space covenants cover land on Motatapu, Mount Soho, Glencoe and Coronet Peak Stations, bordered by the Shotover River and the Cardrona Valley.

The agreement permanently protects the natural values and human history of the landscape, but also allows for public access with 21 tracks and trails.

One of those awful foreigners.

Some people advocate banning any foreign purchase of land. Do you think a NZer would gift 53,000 hectares to the public?

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