Labour’s intolerance of dissent

writes in the NZ Herald:

Others say I should take these criticisms inside the tent. In principle, this is correct – but there is a problem. The Party does not tolerate dissent, not just in a cultural or attitudinal sense, but in its rules. Its governing bodies are elected en masse via first past the post. Sector Councils ensure minority groups have a place at the table, but there is tno space whatsoever for minority opinions.

Let’s take Labour’s stance on our contribution to the fight against Isis (Islamic State). I am one of a small number of members who disagree in principle with the party’s stand. This is a legitimate point of view, one shared by centre-left governments and political parties the world over. And yet, in New Zealand Labour, holding such an opinion renders you a sell-out, a secret Tory, an apostate.

What recourse do we have? Because members of the New Zealand Council are elected, clone-like, from the same plurality of members, there is no one capable of advocating on behalf of minority views or looking out for the rights of dissenters. This flows through all the party processes, including candidate selection.

If you are a social conservative or an economic liberal in Labour, you are baasically told you are in the wrong party.

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