This clip has gone global, making Kiwis cringe the world over. But the judges are not both Kiwis.

Natalia Kills (whom I had never heard of before this) is from Bradford, while Willy Moon is sadly a Wellingtonian.

Maybe they were trying to be Simon Cowell, but they failed miserably. They just made themselves look fragile and precious.

According to the Herald Moon has previous form:

Worse was to follow in the bakery, Moon calling her a “c***” in front of stunned staff and customers. “This is a man who is supposed to mentor young people on national television and what he said was disgraceful,” Ms Neal-Gailer said.

“I couldn’t believe it when he twice hissed at me, ‘You are such a c***’.”

Today Moon took to Twitter to abuse Ms Neal-Gailer and the Herald.

“Not only a **** but a lying **** judging from that ‘statement’ you [nzherald.co.nz] saw fit to print. Laughable. Bored?,” he posted.

He added: “‘Woman proves my point by writing long inaccurate sad letter detailing how much of a **** she is'”. Better headline.”

His wife also came out swinging: “Why did you invent a quote my husband NEVER said?! He never apologized to that c*** lady. Stop defending her bullying,” Kills wrote.

She added: “Hilarious that lady is proving not only how much of a c*** she is, but also a lying c***! ‘Children present’?! Where?!”

They seem like genuinely terrible people, so why has decided to put them on ?

Even worse why has NZ on Air put $800,000 of our money into subsidising this horrible show?

UPDATE: Mediaworks has announced the two judges have been sacked. That is a good decision. One can make critical comments of a performance, without just denigrating the person’s worth as a human being. The two judges seemed unable to tell the difference.

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