Bruce Jenner

Fascinating to read about Bruce Jenner’s transformation from male to female, having publicly come out as transsexual.

Some people may have stereotypes about transsexuals, thinking it is a choice, and/or that it is like being gay. But for those feel they were born into the wrong gender, it is a very challenging experience.

Jenner falls well outside what some may see as the (false) stereotype – an effeminate man. Jenner won the decathlon gold medal in the 1976 Olympics. I recall that, and how he was seen by many as the most complete athlete of his era.

His 1976 gold medal set a world record of 8,616 points. The decathlon consists of 10 events – 100 metres sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 metres sprint, 110 metres hurdle, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw and then 1,500 metres race.

Stuff reports:

Jenner, confirmed he identifies as a conservative Christian republican, told Sawyer he “always wanted to be a woman kicked butt” but would like to be considered “asexual”. The thrice married athlete also pointed out the differences between sexual desire and gender saying he’s never “been with a man”.

Two things worth reflecting on. He doesn’t have much choice as to his gender identity, but he does have a choice with faith. Also being transsexual doesn’t mean he is gay and is attracted to men.

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