Campbell lawyers up

Stuff reports:

has reportedly hired a lawyer to take on in the battle to keep Campbell Live on air.


On Friday night’s show Campbell thanked viewers for the support he had received since Mediaworks confirmed it was looking to review the current affairs show, after its ratings appeared to have fallen far below rival Seven Sharp.


Campbell has enlisted the help of lawyer and former journalist Linda Clark, reported.

Not sure this is a smart move. A smart move would be sitting down with Mediaworks and discussing ways to regain viewers. Bringing in the lawyers is unlikely to end well.

If I was Mediaworks and Campbell, I’d be looking at why they have lost so many viewers. I’d do a couple of focus groups of current and former viewers, and some quantitative research also.

What they need to work out, is whether people are no longer watching Campbell Live because they are switching off TV all together, or are they preferring Seven Sharp or Shortland Street? Is the problem that they don’t get enough viewers watching 3 News also?

Bringing in lawyers won’t help fund answers to those questions.

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