Labour’s O’Connor says Police are crap

Stuff reports:

Police have taken too long finding the person responsible for threatening to contaminate infant formula with poison, Labour’s biosecurity spokesman says.

Labour’s biosecurity spokesman, Damien O’Connor, has slammed the police handling of the threat and says he cannot understand why police do not have more leads.

Asked whether police should have caught the blackmailer by now, O’Connor said: “Absolutely.”

“There’re two explanations,” he said. “One, [police] don’t have the competency, or the other is it’s a very sophisticated commercial plot.

This is a particularly stupid statement.

Does Damien think the Police have a magic wand that will show the Police who sent the letter?

The person behind the letter is basically untraceable unless they were rather moronic and put their fingerprints on the letter, licked the envelope etc.

My challenge to Damien O’Connor is to explain exactly how the Police should have worked out and proven who is behind this?

There are of course a number of likely suspects, but how do you prove it?

Police and the Ministry for Primary Industries “don’t have the resources to step in immediately to find this person”, he said.

As a result of the threat, all the extra food security put in place would inevitably have to remain in place, he said.

It is of course normal opposition politics to blame the Government for everything. But again I would ask Damien exactly  what resources are the Police lacking that would allow them to find out who was behind this? A magic mirror?

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