Should Rewa be charged?

The Herald reports:

Susan Burdett’s brother wants police to reopen the inquiry into her murder in 1992.

“Basically, Teina Pora did not kill my sister, but somebody did. The police should reopen the case and find out who did,” Jim Burdett says.

I think we know who did.

He was responding yesterday to news that there is no plan to retry a third time for the killing. Rewa – who is serving a life sentence for raping Ms Burdett and 24 other women – and Mr Pora are the only people who have been charged with the rape and murder of the 39-year-old. …

Rewa was convicted at a second trial in 1998 of raping Ms Burdett but juries in two trials could not decide whether he murdered her.

Rewa attempted to explain the presence of his DNA in her body by claiming he was having an affair with her.

Yeah, right.

If Rewa was not already in for life, with no chance of parole, I’d say charge him again. But a successful prosecution would be difficult to achieve, and with him already in prison, would not change things a lot.

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