Goose meet gander reports:

INDONESIA will stop sending maids to 21 Middle Eastern countries, after the recent execution of two Indonesian women in Saudi Arabia angered Jakarta.

Indonesia’s anger at the executions of its citizens abroad comes despite the fact that Jakarta last week executed seven foreign drug convicts, including AustraliansMyuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, drawing a storm of international protest.

Jakarta, which has long complained about the treatment of Indonesian maids in the Middle East, had already placed a moratorium on sending new helpers to Saudi Arabia in 2011 following the beheading of a worker.

Maybe Indonesia would be a higher moral ground to complain about executions of their citizens in Saudi Arabia, if they didn’t execute people themselves.

Dhakiri cited the execution of Indonesian domestic workers Siti Zainab and Karni binti Medi Tarsim, who were both put to death for murder in April.

I don’t support the for any country for any crime, but I have to say it seems more justified for murder than drug trafficking.

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