How is it sexist?

Stuff reports:

A Christchurch mother is fighting an “archaic, discriminatory and sexist” clean-shaven rule that meant her 16-year-old son has been banned from school for more than a week.

Kay Peebles says her high-achieving year 12 son was sent home from Hornby High School about noon on April 30 and told not to come back until he removed his facial stubble. Its school rules state that pupils must be clean-shaven.

How is it sexist? I’m pretty sure a girl with a beard would be told to shave it also!

Kids his age could drive or decide to be parents, she said, “but are treated like kindergarteners when it comes to their facial hair”.

If you don’t like the rules, go elsewhere.

Correspondence school was not an option, since he had not been suspended or expelled, and she said the more liberal Hagley College did not have room on its roll.

He’s in Year 12 and presumably has been there for four years,knowing the rules. They could have enrolled him in Hagley College from the beginning, rather than try a mid-year transfer.

She had contacted various agencies for help but while she waited for responses, her son was not in school.

“The dead ends have made it clear it doesn’t matter how good your grades or behaviour is, if you have a hairy face you will forfeit an education, a facist rule,” she said.

Does she mean facist or fascist? Either way, rather silly.

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