How many Labour MPs have staff on zero hour contracts?

The Telegraph reports:

Another case in point – zero-hours contracts. Ed Miliband has somehow been allowed to get away with turning zero-hours contracts into an issue in this election campaign, even though the government of which he was a part did nothing about them for 13 years. Not only that, but 68 Labour MPs have employed staff on zero-hours contracts in the past two years, including Miliband’s Parliamentary Private Secretary. Could his hypocrisy be any more blatant?

That’s got me thinking. Many political parties and MPs have staff on casual contracts with no set or guaranteed hours. A smart journalist would ask the MPs campaigning against , how many staff do they have on a zero hour contract?

It’s like the 90 day trial periods. Labour and Green MPs campaigned against all other employers being able to dismiss staff during a 90 day probation period. Yet they have their parliamentary staff on a permanent probation period where they can be dismissed at any time, without cause, if the MP just loses confidence in them. I doubt the hypocrisy on that issue is isolated.

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