Lole-Taylor moves to Australia

Stuff reports:

A former NZ First MP and her husband have left the country under the cloud of a police investigation.

and her husband Dennis Taylor packed up their belongings and moved to Australia in March, effectively stalling a police investigation into allegations they wrongly accessed the criminal records of a former NZ First Party official.

A coincidence I am sure.

The one-term MP had a colourful record in Parliament raised eyebrows with some of her more outlandish outbursts on twitter and elsewhere.

Parliament was stunned when she asked the police minister if she would feel harassed if she was asked “how much for a blowjob”.  Lole-Taylor later got into a row on Twitter about prostitution and asked users if they were themselves prostitutes before hitting the block button.

She was roundly ridiculed for suggesting the Reserve Bank should be New Zealand owned and on another occasion took it literally when a journalist accused her of shooting the messenger, believing he had accused her of shooting a  parliamentary messenger.

The highlight for me was her continual insistence the Reserve Bank of Australia was foreign owned.

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