NZers views on local government

LGNZ have had Colmar Brunton do a large survey of NZ residents and businesses on local government. The initial results aren’t complimentary but it is a smart move by LGNZ to do such research, because it provides a benchmark to try and improve against for their member governments.

The survey is here. Some extracts:

  • Performance rated 28/100
  • Local leadership rated 26/100
  • Communication and interaction rated 32/100

The bottom three areas for the public are:

  • Trust to make good spending decisions
  • Value for rate dollars spent
  • Managing finances

Councils need to learn to live within their means. Rates should stay constant, except for inflation and population. Annual increase of 3% to 10% are antagonizing the public.

The five most important services for the public are:

  1. Roads 45%
  2. Town facilities and amenities 42%
  3. Water supply 30%
  4. Rubbish/recycling 26%
  5. Sewerage/wastewater 18%

So Councils should focus on the basics above, and do them well.

Again a very good initiative by LGNZ doing this research, Hopefully Councils will take it into account.

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