Vietnam benefits most from TPP?

Tyler Cowan blogs:

Here is an assessment from the Peterson Institute that Vietnam will be the biggest gainer from .  Do you get that, progressives?  Poorest country = biggest gainer.  Isn’t that what we are looking for?  And if you are a deontologist, Vietnam is a country we have been especially unjust to in the past.

Some people think the TPP is all for the benefit of the US. This study found that Vietnam will gain the most benefit, so the TPP could help lift hundreds of thousands out of poverty.

Yes, I am familiar with the IP and tech criticisms of TPP, and I agree with many of them.  But if you add those costs up, in utilitarian terms I doubt if they amount to more than a fraction of the potential benefit for the ninety million people of Vietnam.  TPP is more of a “no brainer” than a close call.

Likewise I agree with the criticism of the US proposals for the IP chapter. However we don’t yet know how much of their proposals make the final agreement. Only then can we look at whether the costs are bigger or larger than the benefits.

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