A stink decision

Stuff reports:

NZTA has insisted a 45-minute clean-up was necessary after a man defecated in Wellington’s Mt Victoria tunnel.

Spokesman Anthony Frith said the agency was satisfied with the clean up time in off-peak traffic, and said the mess had to be cleaned up as it was an issue of both hygiene and road safety.

“If you think about it a little bit goes a long way – before you know it, it could be spread around the Basin Reserve,” Frith said.

Police said the man had jumped from the walkway of the central Wellington tunnel down to the road, where he attended to the call of nature at 6am.

The busy commuter tunnel, which was closed overnight for scheduled maintenance, had been scheduled to open at 6am.

But a clean-up crew was needed, delaying the time by 45 minutes.

Oh how precious. I’m pretty sure 99% of motorists would rather drive through some crap rather than have a tunnel closed for 45 minutes.

Plus why takes 45 minutes? Just knock it to the side of the road.

Will they close SH1 if someone vomits on it?

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