NZ 6th for rule of law

The NZ Law Society reports:

New Zealand is ranked sixth in the world in the latest Rule of Law Index published by the World Justice Project.

The World Justice Project was founded in 2006 as a presidential initiative of the American Bar Association and says it became an independent non-profit association in 2009. It has offices in Washington DC and Seattle in the United States.

The World Justice Project says its Rule of Law Index is compiled from a large number of surveys to measure how the rule of law is experienced in practical, everyday situations by ordinary people around the world.

Performance is assessed using 44 indicators across eight categories, each of which is scored and ranked globally and against regional and income peers. 

The top 10 are:

  1. Denmark 0.87
  2. Norway 0.87
  3. Sweden 0.85
  4. Finland 0.85
  5. Netherlands 0.83
  6. New Zealand 0.83
  7. Austria 0.82
  8. Germany 0.81
  9. Singapore 0.81
  10. Australia 0.80

The bottom country is Venezuela.

Some specific rankings in categories are:

  • Open Government 2nd
  • Regulatory Enforcement 5th
  • Absence of Corruption 6th

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