Relationships Aotearoa says numbers not inflated

A release from :

The Interim Board of Relationships Aotearoa (RA) reject claims in the media this week that client numbers were inflated.

The RA Interim Board are on record with Radio New Zealand detailing this:

“At the time it became clear closing the service was inevitable, RA had 7,000 open client files, “ says Cary Hayward, RA Interim Board member.

“The media this week suggesting numbers were inflated is inaccurate,“ he says.

“These claims seem to be based on the number of MSD clients transferring to Stand Children Services.

“They do not take into account clients seen under other contracts or private clients, nor do they account for the fact that the vast majority of MSD funded clients did not want to continue with a service once they were informed RA was closing.”


Sounds a rational explanation. I imagine the final report from the liquidators will shed more light.

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