Vanguard School Annual Report

Vanguard School has published its annual report.

Some highlights:

  • Level 1 NCEA success rate 96% (decile average is 74%)
  • Level 1 Maori NCEA success rate 92% (decile average is 70%)
  • Level 1 Pasifika NCEA success rate 100% (decile average is 69%)
  • Level 2 NCEA success rate 100% (decile average is 92%)
  • 108 students, increasing to 144 in 2015
  • 52% Maori or Pasifika
  • No school fees
  • School provides uniforms and pays exam fees
  • Reports every quarter to Ministry of Education
  • All staff are qualified teachers except three specialists in engineering and defence force studies
  • No school zone – all applicants are accepted. Some travel as far as from Warkworth to attend. 74% of students are not local.
  • Establishment grant was $1.6 million, compared to average cost of new state schools being $30 – $50 million
  • Attendance rate is 11% above contracted, and exceeds national average

The only slight negative is they have had to suspend and stand down a few students very early on in 2014.

Overall they look like they are succeeding very very well, with a group of students who were not succeeding in other schools.  Despite this Labour and Greens want to close them down.

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