Fewer people on welfare

Anne Tolley announced:

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says the latest benefit figures show the number of people receiving is the lowest for any June quarter since before the Global Financial Crisis.

There were 285,349 people on a benefit at the end of June 2015, a drop of 8,237, or 2.8 per cent, compared to a year ago. This is the lowest June quarter since June 2008.

“I’m pleased to see the strong downward trend is continuing as Work and Income supports more people into work,” Mrs Tolley says.

“Sole parents continue to lead the way with a 6.5 per cent reduction nationally, including a 10.7 per cent drop in the number of Sole Parents who only have obligations to prepare for work.

“This puts more money in the pockets of these parents, and it improves the future prospects of both parents and children.

“Getting off a benefit and into employment or study reduces long term welfare dependency and allows individuals and families to thrive,” Mrs Tolley says.

Good to see the trend continuing.

Over the last five years we’ve seen:

  • 47,500 fewer people on main benefits
  • 25,000 fewer people on a benefit for more than a year
  • 14,500 fewer under 25s on welfare
  • Reduction by ethnicity is 21% for Pasifika, 18% European and 7% Maori
  • 28,300 less on jobseeker benefits
  • 19,000 fewer on sole parent benefits (21% down)

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