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This week’s quote is inspired by our recent examination of sugar taxes, and comes from some of the strongest advocates of such a tax here in New Zealand.

Below is an excerpt from Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmon’s book, Appetite for Destruction, regarding the trade embargo imposed against Fidel Castro’s Cuba:

“Food had to be rationed, the average daily food energy intake dropped – according to some reports by up to half. For some, this caused real problems – around 8% of people were malnourished and some people even starved. But once this initial crisis was over, there were many positive side effects: obesity fell 50%, heart disease 35%, stroke 18% and overall mortality fell by 20%.”

Our report, Fizzed Out: Why a sugar tax won’t curb obesity, is available here. To support the Union’s campaign for lower taxes and less government waste, click here.

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